Cajelli International!

Si dice in giro:

My favorite of all the extras, is a sixteen-page comic book entitled Milano Criminale: The De Falco Solution, written and drawn by two popular Italian comic book artists, Diego Cajelli and Maurizio Rosenzweig, that is inspired by the Italian crime films of the ’70s and is also designed in the style of Italian comic books from the ’70s. It’s a cool addition that rounds out this excellent NoShame release quite nicely.”

To top it off, NoShame has included the first English translation of an Italian comic inspired by the poliziotteschi of the era – Crime Story: The De Falco Connection by Maurizio Rosensweig and Diego Cajelli. It’s a fun addition to a nice package.”

Most unique in this package is “Crime Story: The De Falco Connection,” a 16 page color comic by Maurizio Rosensweig and Diego Cajelli. A graphic ode to European crime, this illustrated story is a refreshing change from the usual liner notes, and captures the extravagance and exploitative fever of the genre. A fitting end to what can only be described as an innovative tribute to the Italian crime film!”

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