Novità dal Bosforo!

L’amico turco di Guglie ha tradotto in inglese la rece ottomana al Dampyr di cui parlavo un paio di giorni fa…
Ecco il testo tradotto in inglese:

1- Even in the first picture it can be understood that the story takes place in Istanbul anyway the first word of the story is also Istanbul.

2- The names of the characters are absolutely belong to us, Turkish people.Furthermore they are dark-skinned and having a mustache. The mafian father’s (godfather) wear which is a sleeveless undershirt and a lined pyjama are absolutely telling us.

3- Vampire Adara looks like character Maya in Space 1999 serial film

4- Suleyman Baba and his team’s car is Mercedes when they are going to hamam, this is a very good fixing it is Mafia’s car here

5- Some phrases include deep meaning but at the same time funny
– I don’t want to die
– Nobody wants to die
– It is not a belly dance only wobbly meats
– I am thinking about more than the selection of a tie or creme to be able to be seen good on the screen
– As soon as the sun sets you appear like the insects
– Nothing continues to endless
– Stop complimenting you can’t make me go to bed
– The only missing was an emotional vampire….
– I think a love story was ended or a curse, actually there is no difference between them

6- The location drawings are unbelievably realistic, an example is the Osmanli Bankası signboard and in the other pages there are some other real examples

7- After crossing the Bosphorus bridge in the Eminonu square there is an electricity wire which can be only seen in our country

8- The musical instruments and the dancers in the night clubs are also realistic but they don’t exist anymore instead there are naked Russian girls are in these night clubs. It is not usual to see waiters with fez (an old Ottoman hat) and we are not a society who smoke narghile in every environment.

9- People in the street of the night club exit really look like our people

10- Sultanahmet square is realistic like a photoghraph

11- Rumelihisari views are excellent

12-Yaceck’s filling the gun, firing the cigarette, taking a bath, throwing a bomb into a Mercedes all lokk like cinema films. And his attach to a hamam with two guns seem to be a John Woo film

13-I didn’t understand why the Turkish soldier (should be an Ottoman) in Vukrovec village do not have a mustache

14- Tesla for the first time is wounded after he formed a team with Harlan and Kurjak with a phosphorous bullet

15- This is a wonderful story with an excellent drawing that can not be erased from the memories for a long time.

Insomma, sembra proprio che la premiata ditta Cajelli/Bartolini abbia fatto un buon lavoro!
(A parte un paio di cosine…)

Per la traduzione Iglese/Italiano, se serve, ci penseremo nei prossimi giorni!

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